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The plant of ethanol, electricity, heat energy and organic fertilizers production



The system is planned to be implemented in Trzebiechów, Maszewo municipality, Lubusz Province. The project was achieved the building permit issued by the District Office in Krosno Odrzańskie in 2011.


Project elements include: the existing agricultural distillery (it will be modernized within the project, its production capacity will be increased from 8 million liters to 12 million liters of ethanol per year), and new objects: biogas plant and cogeneration generators fueled by biogas, fertilizer plant, ground lagoons with the algae farm. The applied technologies are known worldwide and proven on an industrial scale. Innovation of the project depends on the connection of systems in an integrated technological system, which results in synergistic effects. The processes are designed to achieve maximum energy savings and materials. Stillage is a substrate for biogas plant, digestate mass from biogas plant will be used for the production of fertilizers. Algae Lagoons are a way for the development of carbon dioxide and purifying the effluent from the digestate mass. The cellulosic substrates such as corn silage, straw, (which is a waste of agricultural production) will be used by using thermal hydrolysis in the system.

This is better for the economical balance of the project, because such a substrate as straw is a cheap waste from agricultural production, and its price is stable compared with the grain. Thanks to described using of all elements in the plant, the established plant will be maximally friendly for environment, and its functioning will be practically waste-free.

System elements:

  • Existing agricultural distillery (8 million of liters).
  • Biogas plant
  • Cogeneration generators with the power of 2 MW.
  • Installing producing organic and mineral fertilizers.
  • Lagoon (ground tanks) culture algal biomass.


Organic waste disposal system, which resulted in the creation of action will be renewable energy: electricity (for their own use and for sale) and heat. Disposal of carbon dioxide in the algal lagoons would provide additional product as organic fertilizer. The proposed technology will allow the production of ethanol from cellulosic feedstocks (synonymous with starch), which will provide a bio-component fuel. The system is designed to optimize the use of all products produced at the plant and reduce its impact on the environment to an absolute minimum.

Manufactured products:

      ethanol (produced from raw starch),
      electricity (produced from renewable energy sources such as biogas produced in the biogas plant from substrates ie stillage, straw),
      heat energy (produced in combination with electricity and recovered from the distillery processes),
      organic and mineral fertilizers (substrates: digestate mass created as a waste in the technological processes of the biogas plant, algae biomass),


The above technological system was submitted to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland as "A method of electricity, heat energy, fertilizer and/or feed and ethanol producing from agricultural products and waste products in agro-processing industry" and registered under number P385950.

Schematic diagram of the system:

Schematic Trzebiechów
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