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As a consulting company, EKSPERT-SITR LTD in Koszalin came into being on the 1st of March 1992.



We work with research institutions, agricultural advisory centers, experts from various fields.


RES Projects

We carry out projects co-financed from the European Social are called upon.


Technology and construction projects

We develop technology and construction projects in the field of renewable energy sources adapted to the conditions and requirements of the investor and the resources held by him.


Environmental protection

We develop such reports on the impact of projects on the environment with particular emphasis on projects related to renewable energy sources.


Real Estate Appraisal


Power plant generating energy from waste and alternative fuel production plant from waste paper industry


The system is planned to be implemented in the municipality of Świecie, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Province.


The planned investment is an innovative, original project that will contribute to the realization of the primary record of the Law on Waste talking about a necessity of submitting the generated waste to recover primarily. The investment will depend on the construction of a hall with storage facilities, in which waste from the production and processing of pulp, paper and cardboard will be processed. This waste will be crushed, dried, and then briquetted in a unit of hydraulic presses, in order to make the parameters suitable for formed an alternative fuel.

In addition, a wire will be sorted using metal separators ? a residue from waste paper baler.

Deleted metal parts will be directed by a separate conveyor to bulk containers, and then submitted to businesses operating in the recycling of metals. The turbine ORC will also work for better utilization of waste heat in the installation. It will be driven by heat from the dryer drum. Produced alternative fuel is then stored and subsequently burned at the power plant, which is the second component of the investment.

System components:

  • sorting hall with sanitary and social administration facilities,
  • roofed platform for the adoption of waste and storage of raw materials produced in the plant,
  • hall adoption and waste preparation for thermal utilization,
  • boiler house and engine room,
  • set of filters purifying exhausts,
  • vehicle scales,
  • storage yard.


  • production of alternative fuel that will be used in the power industry,
  • recovery of metals,
  • the use of waste, which has so far been directed solely to the disposal by landfilling,
  • reducing the pollution generated to environment by replacing conventional energy sources, such as coal, by ecological fuel,
  • reducing the amount of waste directed to landfill,
  • getting a "green energy" produced in a cogeneration process from municipal waste incineration.

Manufactured products:

  • electricity,
  • formed alternative fuel,
  • iron scrap.

Schematic diagram of the system:

Schematic Swiecie
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