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As a consulting company, EKSPERT-SITR LTD in Koszalin came into being on the 1st of March 1992.


Environmental protection

We develop such reports on the impact of projects on the environment with particular emphasis on projects related to renewable energy sources.


Real Estate Appraisal


Technology and construction projects

We develop technology and construction projects in the field of renewable energy sources adapted to the conditions and requirements of the investor and the resources held by him.



We work with research institutions, agricultural advisory centers, experts from various fields.


RES Projects

We carry out projects co-financed from the European Social are called upon.


OSIW-EKO Center for training and implementation of alternative energy, fuels and environmental protection



The system designed for OSiW OHP Człuchów.


The planned investment intention is a copyright and innovative technological and technical solution for the production of heat energy and electricity, mainly from renewable energy sources and effective control of the obtained energy.

The modern technical and technological solutions meeting the requirements of BAT (Best Available Techniques) will be applied and integrated in proposed technologies. This will allow to achieve the effect of synergy, both economically and ecologically. Such effect is not possible to achieve in the separate and independent implementation of individual system elements.

System components:

  • solar panels,
  • photovoltaic,
  • heat pump,
  • fuel cell (hydrogen) with a hydrogen generator and storing tanks, wind farm,
  • elektrownia wiatrowa,
  • cogeneration generators fueled by natural gas GZ-50.


The planned project is an innovative action. It will have a training and implementation character. It will also bring particular and considerable economic benefits. The aim of the project is the implementation of the proposed technical and technological systems, obtaining of specific environmental and economic benefits and the use of the created database among other things to improve the knowledge within alternative energy sources and environmental protection, by providing training and practice in this area for the different educational levels.

Manufactured products:

  • electricity (produced from renewable energy sources),
  • heat energy (produced in combination with electricity and recovered).

Schematic diagram of the system:

Schemat OSiW
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