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As a consulting company, EKSPERT-SITR LTD in Koszalin came into being on the 1st of March 1992.


Technology and construction projects

We develop technology and construction projects in the field of renewable energy sources adapted to the conditions and requirements of the investor and the resources held by him.


Environmental protection

We develop such reports on the impact of projects on the environment with particular emphasis on projects related to renewable energy sources.



We work with research institutions, agricultural advisory centers, experts from various fields.


Real Estate Appraisal


RES Projects

We carry out projects co-financed from the European Social are called upon.


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EKSPERT-SITR LTD for many years to implement projects co-financed from EU funds:

years 2012-2014

"Practical training of teachers unions in the RES."

Operation 3.4 - The openness of the education system in the context of learning throughout life


The project is addressed to 250 teachers profession farmer techniques, techniques, mechanization of agriculture and environmental techniques. The aim of the project is to improve the professional qualifications in the field of renewable energy sources.

Website of the project PROJECT COMPLETED

years 2010-2013

"Practical curriculum of Renewable Energy - innovation for high schools."

Operation 3.3 - Improving the quality of education


The project is directed to teachers of agricultural occupation. The aim of the project is to elaborate and put into operation practical curriculum of Renewable Energy in high schools educating in agricultural professions.

Website of the project PROJECT COMPLETED

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